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[SPONSORED REVIEW] Fast Makeup with Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine

Hey everyone!

I really curious, what did you usually use for daily makeup? Are you using full makeup like foundation, concealer, then setting it with powder or you just do more natural makeup for your daily use like bb cream or else?

I am now working as an intern at a law firm in Jakarta, although I just being intern, my appearance is really important. Sometimes I have to accompany my senior to meeting with our important client. How can I mess up such meeting with my usual dull appearance? So, I have to give it my best. 

Actually, it is not a problem for me to use makeup every day, the main problem is TIME.
I’m not a morning person, I need more time for sleeping than ordinary people, why I said that? Because in weekend I can sleep to 12 hours if nobody wakes me up. Ha ha ha ha, So when it comes to weekday, I have to struggle with waking up early, and I rarely have a time to prepare myself well. This is a serious problem. No. please don’t suggest me to wake up early. It kills me slowly lol!

So I do some research how-to-do-natural-makeup-for-work-with-only-10-minutes whatsoever, then I realized if there is a technology named Two Way Cake Powder. What is Two Way Cake Powder actually? Two Way Cake Powder is a powder that formulated with foundation, it just like a 2-in-1 product. It has a better coverage than usual compact powder. But, Two Way Cake Product is usually not suitable for oily skin. So is it even possible for me to try Two Way Cake Powder? 

Actually, nothing is impossible. This time, I get opportunity from Caring by Biokos to try their two way cake product, Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine, and I got shade 03. In their online store, they said:

“Dual Action Cake No More Shine is a makeup base with Balancing ComplexTM which contain Cinnamon Extract, helps control excess sweat and oil so that the face looks fresh, natural matte, and make your face look softer and oil-free. Contain SPF 35 for protect from UV B and PA+++ for protect from UV A. Supported with Ultra Molecular Micro Powder technology resulting a good coverage power yet still feels light”

Fascinating! So Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine is the product that suitable for oily skin? And it also contains a skincare, so it is a skincare makeup. Let’s see how it works on me.


As usual, let’s see from the packaging. At first, I’m laughing a bit for the packaging because it is a little bit unique. It looks like a pink computer mouse for me. It’s cute actually, because it’s pink. But still, it’s a little bit… unusual. Lol! Anyway I like it because the mirror inside the packaging is not too small, so it is enough to see yourself. They also pressed the powder beautifully. So cute and elegant! 


For the formula, I think Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine has really soft particle that blend well on your face and doesn’t make your face to cakey. I already use it and it looks natural on my face. It brighten your face but still looks okay. The coverage is sheer to medium. It’s good for daily makeup, because it is not heavy. As you can see in the photo, it covering my imperfection. Moreover, I love that it contain SPF, so I don’t have to worry about sunburn. 

Before using  Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine, So much imprefections :(

After using Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine, Hello Miss. Future Lawyer!
P.S: Don't mention about the eyebags.. I know :'(


About the staying power, I can say that Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine is the BEST local product that I ever try. Seriously like… dude. I use this at home before I go to my office, riding motorbike taxi (I don’t know what is “Ojek” in English lol) in a hot weather at Jakarta, and when I reach my office, It still stay well on my face. No excess oil, No sweat. No faded. Wow, awesome stayingpower with such lifestyle lol. And you know what? I didn’t touch up until I need to do Dzuhur Prayer, which is around 12- 2PM. And it doesn’t make my face oily like the other powder. Wow. Such wow. I’m so amazed myself.

I didn’t test it outdoor for a long time, because I don’t have opportunity to do it. I’m sure I’m going to update this post when I have the opportunity to test this product outdoor.

Usually I got some acnes when I use compact powder, but thank goodness, it turns out well in my face hahahahaha I’m really happy!

Ah, I almost forget that my friend, Cindy is also try another interesting product from Caring by Biokos, you can check her post about Caring by Biokos Automatic Eyeliner HERE!

That’s it! So here is the conclusion for Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine:


Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine


IDR131.000 at their online store


1. Unique packaging
2. Contain SPF
3. Long lasting staying power
4. Light
5. Not causing breakout
6. Contains Skincare that will repair your skin
7. Save my time in the morning lol!


1. Nothing!


Yes! This product is really save me from disaster in the morning, lol!

If you want to know more info about Caring by Biokos Dual Action Cake No More Shine, then I suggest you to go to their official websites and social media:

How about you? Have you ever try using Two Way Cake Powder? Or you know about other skincare makeup? Let me know in comment!

See you on my next post!

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  1. Setuju sama kamu lauchi itu packagingnya unik, sayang banget sama embosnya kalo dipake takut ngerusak soalnya cakepp hihi

  2. ahhh kamu DAC 03 ya?? Aku jadi kepo kayaknya kulitku cocoknya pake DAC 03 hiks..

  3. wkwkwk, bagus chii. Mungkin nantinya TWC ini bisa memotivasi kamu jadi a morning person.
    coveragenya bagus yak chi. Acne scar yang ada di bawah matamu (bukan eyebagnya) mayan ketutup lho..

  4. Oke banget kayanya kualitas bedak ini. Aku jadi pengen coba hihihi


  5. Mba, yang kamu butuhkan saat ini....concealer.

  6. Hai...
    Wow badaknya mantab ya, bikin muka jadi cerah segar..kalau ditambah lagi dengan foundie dan concealer pasti jadi mantabss nih bedak..

  7. Nutupin imperfectionnya oke dan match gitu yaa, tpi undereye tetep concealer ya haha

  8. wihi no dislikes loh, bikin mupeng ah. sayangnya coveragenya light yaa

  9. Tosss kita samaan kak ci. Sayang aku waktu awal pake gak tega sama embosnya rusak. Hahaha

  10. wahh kerennn,,
    ntar fokus lagi ke yg ginian kalo ga sibuk lgi ngurus si dede...
    sejak kehadirannya hampir ga ada waktu lgi buat "me time"

    salam kenal


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