Saturday, December 3, 2016

[FOOD] K H I L A F ! Sushi and Takoyaki Party at Ippeke Komachi Kelapa Gading

Okay, so today I'm gonna write a post about food. Why? it because I want to write about something else beside reviewing a product. I'm sure that my blog have to be more interesting than that. Moreover, I love eating, I adore good foods and like to share them with you all~

So few days ago, one of my friend, Anyo ask me and the others to go to book bazaar at Tangerang. Yea, so faraway from my home. I really don't mind to go, but the other friends doesn't want to because it is way too far. So we change our destination to Mall Kelapa Gading (MKG) to killing our time together.

She said, "do you like sushi? I know a good restaurant in MKG, with cheap price of course"

Are you kidding me, of course I love sushi and I love good food with cheap price lol. So we all agreed to eat sushi together at Ippeke Komachi Mall Kelapa Gading.

It is located on Mall Kelapa Gading 3 at the Ground Floor. They have a sushi bar and they also have Japanese Chef, so they have a great original taste of Japanese food. The place was very cozy, you can choose to sit near the sushi bar or you can sit on the other side of the restaurant, I personally love to sit near the sushi bar, because why not?

Ippeke Komachi has variable price, for sushi it depends on the plate's color, it starts from IDR 9000 - IDR 27.000. Very affordable, but if you can't control yourself taking the sushi from the sushi bar, you will kill your wallet in the end lol.

Anyway, do you know a Japanese myth about separating bamboo chopstick? I heard that if you success separating the bamboo chopstick evenly without breaking one of the chopstick while thinking about your crush it means your crush is also love you. I played this game with my friend, and success! hahahahaha, but it was only a myth, right?

All right back to topic! They do have other menu, Noodles, Rice, Katsu, etc. But my favorite is Takoyaki! It's a Japanese snack made from flour and egg batter and filled with octopus and fried in special pan so they have ball form and served with sauce and katsuoboushi (Bonito Flakes). I usually buy takoyaki in Japanese Event for IDR 20.000, consist of 5 pieces and you know what? I regret it. Because here in Ippeke Komachi, I can eat 12 Takoyaki only for IDR 27.000. Believe me. THE TAKOYAKI IS VERY GOOD, VERY DELICIOUS. The Octopus pieces is really big, the batter is sweet and soft, the sauce is realy good. Oh my God...

...... My whole life is a lie.

Even my friend said, "I won't buy Takoyaki in event anymore" lol.
I don't really like raw sushi, so I only eat some cooked sushi, and believe me, this is good. This even satisfy a glutton like me.

Tuna Mayo


Callifornia Roll. Big size,

Oh, I almost forget about the drink, what I like from this restaurant is.... You can get Ocha for free! and you can ask for refill. Lucky us! If you don't like ocha, there is another drink menu, but of course you can not refill it. I'm not sure if mineral water is also free and can be refilled too or not, I will ask Anyo first about it. :D

Lastly, For your Information, Ippeke Komachi don't have a Halal certification from MUI yet because they serve sake but they don't serve pork, sake is also served in different kind of glass so I think it safe to eat here, but if you don't want to risk yourself please go to another place.

Soooo, that was my experience eating on Ippeke Komachi Kelapa Gading, good food, good place, I love it! I should thank Anyo for bring me to this place, and I think I will visit this restaurant if I want to take some Takoyaki. Any of you have been here? Mind to share your experience and favorite menu? Tell me on the comment section, maybe I should try your recommendation too!

Okay then, until my next post!


  1. hallo...ya ampun setiap ke gading aku tuh lewat ini resto mau masuk maju mundur, karena pikir aku mahal banget harganya, ternyata msh terjangkau lah ya, aku akhrinya ke genki sushi di gading :(
    next aku mau ke sini ah..nice review :)

    1. Hai kak,
      kata temenku yang lebih ahli dalam dunia kuliner, ini lebih enak dari genki sushi, katanya looh. :D
      sip kak, nanti kabar-kabar ya kalo udah nyobain, hihihi

  2. Wah murce banget, kapan2 bisa nyoba makan di sana ah. Btw udah halal kan ya? :D

    1. unfortunately belom sih. aku dikasih tau temenku ini ga bisa dapet logo halal karena dia nyediain sake... tapi kalo liat di menu makanan sih ga ada pork, dear...

  3. OMG, look so yummy! I love sushi so much:3
    Harganya murah juga yah:)
    Sayangnya jauh soalnya aku di surabaya, hehee..

    Salam kenal,

    1. haai cintya. salam kenal juga :3
      iya kalo untuk ukuran resto ini worth banget, dear. makanya aku juga seneng banget hehehe
      thanks udah mampir yaa :)

  4. Harganyaa terjangkaau banget dengan tempat yg cozy gtu 😁😁 i do also love takoyakii so much 😊 uda lama ndak makan masakan jepang tp, liat poto" nya jd krucuk" hehehe salaam kenaal yakkk 😊

  5. Ebusyet... Harganya murcee.. I love takoyaki so much.. Pengen ke situ.. Tapi kog far far far away dari rumahku.. Hikz..


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